Everyone is aware of the IJSBA regulations, see  IJSBA Rulebook 2016 for all technical specs and regulations.

The JC crew has no opinion but a supervisory / advisory role to ensure fair play


Program:The schedule is strictly adhered to, changes are reported by the stewards, make sure you arrive in good time.


Saturday: training start 15:00 20 min per classup to 5 or 7 runabout skis on the water at the same timerescue service coordinates technical safety inspection starts 18:45 hrs


Sunday: 8.30 start registration

             9.00 pilot meeting

             9.15 start training

             10.00 start moto 1

             after each heat follows the race results and one has max 30 min to object

             18:30 ceremony



Comments and questions can be placed at the juryIf a direct answer can not be given you will be asked to fill out a comment formAfter each heat questions will be dealed with if possible We ask everyone to read the below extensive rules and regulations pdf file: