News updates

Dear Jetskichallenge racers,
Winter is coming, and we did not forget you.
It has been a busy year for the new team and unfortunately we have not been so lucky with the race locations.
We had 5 locations planned early in the season, but got 3 refusals for permits.
Later on, we requested other locations but it was too late for 2017.
Anyway, we are ready for 2018 and have already 2 locations confirmed and we are waiting for 2 other permits.
But before 2018, time to celebrate 2017 dutch jetskichallenge winners.
For 2017 we have :
Ski Stock
1 Debby Keulers NL #2
2 Jessie van der Sloot NL #13
3 Olaf Stern D #9
Ski Lites Pro
1 Daan Hoeke NL #12
2 Olaf Stern D #9
3 Carmen Slijpen NL #26
Ski Lite Novice
1 Luuk Hoeke NL #10
2 Bram Hoeke NL #11
3 Michelle de Haas NL #25
Ski GP
1 Debby Keulers NL #2
2 Jessie van der Sloot NL #13
3 Rasmus Koch Hansen DK #8
1 Dennis Vandersteegen B
2 Steve van Avermaet B
3 Michel Budin B
All winners will receive a free race entrance voucher for first race in 2018 .
Thanks to all the participants and hope to see you again in 2018.