Information Pilots

Jet ski racing yourself?


Each jet pilot can participate in the jet ski racing competition . Whether you are a beginner or an experienced jet pilot , we have several classes from beginner (ski light novice), juniors to experienced classes like ski GP .

Every pilot requires to have an race license and a medical certificate to take part in the racing competition. Also, the jet ski or personal watercraft  needs to meet certain requirements and there is a dress code for the jet pilot.

The Contest in brief


A race usually consists of 2 days (not required) on the day before the race you can make all the arrangements . Upon arrival you report yourself to the stewards to get the latest information explained in accordence with residence , the competition and the buoys course.


Jetskichallenge aims to get it for a 48 hours permit, so that one can make full use of the water. At the end of the afternoon ( +/- 15.00 hrs ) the buoy course will be available for training and will last to +/- 17.00 hrs.


Before starting with the training the pilot must have been registered. This can be done on Saturday from 14.30 till 15.00. From 18.45 till 19.30 hrs there will be a technical check.

The pilots who don't do the Saturday training there will be the possibility at Sunday from 8.00 till 8.45. At the same time there will be a technical check.

Then the pilot meeting will take place in which the main aspects of the day will be highlighted . The pilot meeting is a mandatory requirement for all participating pilots .


After the pilot meeting the buoys course will be navigated by the organisation to show how to boat the course after that the training will start . When all classes have trained, the 1st heat can be started . A total of three heats will be boated on the buoys course . A competition of one class lasts 10 minutes + 1 lap . .


After the race there will be cleared away. All jet skis go out the water to provide the organisation to work safely (all hands are welcome). After the track has been cleared the award ceremony will take place around 18:00 hours .