nächstes Rennen:

Landsard Beach

25 & 26 April 2020

Eine Tageslizenz kostet an diesem Wochenende € 70, - und das Rennen zusätzlich € 70, -.

Sie können also insgesamt für € 140,00 am Rennen der Open Dutch Championships teilnehmen.

Neue Piloten (die in den vergangenen Jahren nicht am ONK teilgenommen haben) müssen lediglich eine Tageslizenz von 50 € zahlen.
So können neue Piloten ihre Teilnahme an ONK zu einem reduzierten Preis testen.

The Jetski Challenge is a sports federation, which the Dutch Open Jet Ski Championship (ONK) organizes. 
Every year we organize various competitions during the summer season which begins in April and ends in late September. The races are held throughout the Netherlands. In 2012 we started a partnership with the Belgian Jet Ski Federation and thus was born the Benelux Cup. This made a more interesting field for the pilots as it was more challenging. Since 2012 there is also an international collaboration with other federations and the world umbrella organization IJSBA

What to expect at a Jetskichallenge Race?

During the competition is besides fun, speed, adrenaline and spectacle our main focus safety.Over more than one hunderd pilots participate in the competititon every year and come mainly from Holland, Belgium and Germany. The crowd turnout varies from hunderd till thousands spectators on the large races/events.

Want to be a race pilot yourself?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced jet pilot, there is a place for everyone at the Jetskichallenge! Please feel free to look around at our site. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us: info@jetskichallenge.nl