Technical Inspection

Personal protection:

ü       Helmet

ü       Gogles

ü       Back protector

ü       Wetsuit (long John)

ü       Life vest

ü       Kill switch (freestyle excluded)


Vessel Hull:

ü       No protrusions endangering persons (sideways and under the fuselage)

ü       No sharp protrusions at the intake/ pump room

ü       Present front bumper (rubber)

ü       Clearly visible race number

ü       Hull number is visible

ü       No leaks or improper repairs, unfinished parts

ü       Tow-loop present in the nose



ü       Throttle operates smoothly and is in good condition

ü       Steering works smoothly and handles are attached

ü       Emergency + Kill switch works and are in good condition

ü       No leaks of oil and / or water / fuel

ü       Proper mounting of the engine, tank, electricity, cables

Rules of Navigation Buoys Track

  • Follow the lane buoys in the correct direction
  • Pass yellow buoys on the right side
  • Pass red buoys on the left
  • Let as laggard faster riders pass
  • Yellow flag: danger
  • Red flag: stop the race, sail calmly towards start
  • Blue flag: make room for faster pilot
  • White Flag: still one round to go
  • White / Black: finish
  • Kill switch is required (excluding freestyle)
  • Vessel is in good condition, including towing eye
  • The vessel is equipped with a clearly visible number
  • Follow clearly the instructions of the stewards/marshalls